How to Apply Setting Powder?

You use the setting powder to help the various foundations to set on your face easily and also monitors the amount of their shining. The best setting powder for dry skin helps your dry skin to smooth out the fine lines and blemishes. Listed below are steps to apply setting powder:

Choose the powder

The very first step of applying the setting powder for dry skin is to choose the powder that will suits your skin easily and will have no further reaction. For full coverage which must be light in weight, you must choose a powder that is loose in nature as they consist of the dinner particles. This setting powder will give you an even coating on your face with a light texture in place of applying the second layer of your concealer on the face.

How to Apply Setting Powder?

Use compact powder only for touch-ups

If you want a quick touch-up on your face then you must not depend on the loose powder but in place of it use the compact powder as this one is denser in nature. And thus permit you to use the setting powder for the whole day easily without any hassle. Moreover, this can also work as an alternative to liquid foundations. And if you have sensitive skin, so you must not use it as it includes the silicones and waxes in it which can irritate your face.

To minimize shine, use the translucent setting powder

This setting powder is highly recommended to use when you want to minimize the shine on your face which probably is caused due to the accumulation of the oil in excess. This helps you in controlling the amount of oil on your face and thus improving the texture on your face in place of disturbing the color. Also, it is easily available on both the types such as compact and loose powder and you can either apply it over the foundation or before applying anything on your face.

To even your skin tone, use the tinted setting powder

The tinted setting powder allows your skin to get even in tone and look uniform from all the sides. You can apply it either before the makeup or after the makeup or the foundation and is easily available in the form of either compact powder or the loose power. The tinted powder does not reduce the shine on your face but in place of it brighten up your face and correct the skin tone.

For oily skin, use the talc setting powder

If you are planning to buy the setting powder for yourself and you gave got oily skin type then look for the one which has talc in it in the form of the ingredient. The main characteristic of the talc is to absorb the oil in excess and thus helps your skin in preventing most of the shine and also the sweat which is due to the oily skin only. So, the talc is present in your setting powder which is either in compact or loose powder is beneficial for the people with the oily skin.

For dry skin, use the hyaluronic acid setting powder

The best setting powder for dry skin contains hyaluronic acid as its main ingredients in it which helps your skin to stay hydrated. Furthermore, it provides your skin with an abundant amount of moisture and keeps the dryness at bay and giving you more glowing skin. It helps in diminishing the visibility of the dullness and dryness from your face and giving you soft and smooth skin.

For normal skin, use the silica setting powder

The normal skin if anyone has is the blessing in disguise as it is not either too much dry or too much oily. It is highly recommended to ensure the smoother application, you must use the silica powder in the form of your setting powder either before applying the makeup or foundation or after applying. If you have got the oily skin, then this type of setting powder is not made for you as it will cause the build-up but for the dry skin, it is one of the best setting powder.

Apply the foundation before applying the setting powder

You have to apply the foundation first on your face and along with that if you are using the primer, contour, and concealer on your face then apply them as well before applying the best setting powder. It is important to keep in mind that all these things get well blended in with each other. Also, it is important to note that you do wash your face and moisturize well before applying any of these makeup or cosmetic products.

Focus especially on the t – zone on your face

To give yourself a natural look, then you must surely not touch the outer edge of your face with the setting powder for dry skin but in place of that focus mostly on the t – a zoned area which is across the present across the lower part of your forehead and till the center point of your nose. You have to apply most of the powder in this area as the amount of oil gets accumulated in this area the most.


To smooth out the blemishes and wrinkles along with the fine lines, the best setting powder for dry skin helps you in providing you such services with ease. It also allows the foundation to set on your face easily and gives you a smooth and flawless skin in the end. The powder also absorbs the excess oil if present so that it prevents the formation of any acne by dusting out any pimple-causing bacteria. We highly hope that this article might have made you understand how easy is going to apply the setting powder on your face without hassle.