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How to Shave Your Head Woman?

How to Shave Your Head Woman?

Shaving your head is might be an attractive look that you can have at your homes with the help of various clippers or razors. For women, it might be a difficult task, but there is some woman who loves to shave their head for an attractive look. Shaving your head at home is an easy task after you get it learns appropriately with various types of equipment. You should always remember to use best electric razor for bald head so that you won’t get any injury or something.

How to Shave Your Head Woman?

There are so many different types of equipment or tools are available for shaving your head, but you should always consider the best one. If you use a good quality razor or clippers, then it will help you to have a smooth and shiny scalp. It is essential for the people to know about various tips which can help them to shave their head at homes itself. After you shave your head, it’s vital to take good care of your head to keep it safe and healthy.

Here are some various methods which can help you to shave your head at home with proper safety and benefits.

Method 1:

Using Electric Clippers

  • If you want to shave your head at homes, then you should first use the electric clippers in front of the trimmer. It will help you to be safe while using a trimmer on your head from severe injuries.
  • While using a clipper, you need to focus on some important aspects which are mentioned below-
  • Remove the guard from the clippers to shave properly at the closest.
  • Next, you need to clip your hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Then you have to start shaving your side where the growth of hair is more.
  • Next, you have to move the razor from top to bottom to clean up the center area of your head.
  • Then you have to shave from bottom to the top when you are finishing up the back area.
  • At last, shave your entire head to make sure all of your hair has been removed.
  • You should always consider electric razor for bald head while shaving your head so that you won’t get any cut or injury on your head.
  • Electric clippers will make your hair remove properly form the head and provides you a clean and shiny scalp.
  • Always remember to learn how to shave with a trimmer first then prefer to shave them.

Method 2:

Shaving with a Razor

  • You can also use a razor to shave your head, but you should always prefer to use the best razor.  A good quality razor will help you to keep your head safe and protected.
  • At the time of shaving your head with a razor, you have to take care of the following things
  • Tie up your hair with a pair of clippers so that you can get better results.
  • Shave your head after a shower with warmer or cold water as it makes your hair soft and helps you to shave properly.
  • Always remember to use a new blade for shaving your head to reduce the irritation.
  • Apply shaving cream on your head before saving it as it helps to use razor smoothly.
  • You need to shave on that direction in which the grain of your hair is more.
  • Start shaving your head from the top of the head to shave properly.
  • Next, prefer to do the shaving on the sides it will help you o have a clean shave.
  • Try to shave the back of your head at last as it’s very difficult to shave there.
  • Always rinse your blade in hot water after completing each section of your head.
  • After completing shaving, pull your skin tightly to minimize the grooves and wrinkles.
  • Shaving with a best electric razor can help you to have a clean and proper shave with entire protection.
  • While shaving, always remembers to apply the points mentioned above so that you can have a safe and healthy head after shaving.

Method 3:

Finishing Your Shave

  • After completing all the steps, you have to take proper care of your scalp as it doesn’t have any hair on it now.
  • To keep your scalp fit and healthy you need to focus on the following tips-
  • After shaving, you need to rinse your scalp with cold water to close the pores of your scalp.
  • Then apply an aftershave cream on your scalp to reduce the irritation over the head.
  • Then use an alum or a styptic pen to treat any cuts or nicks if you got any.
  • These tips will help you to close your open pores after shaving your head, and it will also help you to have a safe scalp.

Method 4:

Maintaining your Shaved Look

  • After shaving, you need to maintain a proper look for your shaved head so that you can make an attractive look.
  • To maintain a proper and attractive look, you need to consider the following steps-
  • After shaving, washes your hair with a gentle soap or shampoo.
  • Apply a moisturizer to your head twice a day if you want to keep it healthy.
  • Protect your shaved head from the sun by using a hat or a sunscreen.
  • Use any antiperspirant on your scalp if you are facing a sweating problem in excess.
  • If you watch any re-growth in hair, then prefer to shave regularly.
  • Always remember to use best electric razor for bald head to maintain a good and healthy scalp.


According to the points mentioned above, you can get a piece of proper knowledge about how to shave your head. You can consider the above methods whenever you find a need to shave your head with proper procurements. It will help you to shave your head safely at home by using various shaving equipment.